Hello, all! So firstly, I want to share with you a video:

See, this man was alive. He pushed himself, he lived a life of great and endearing passion, and he wanted to share his love for life and the animals of this world with everybody. Steve Irwin was and is one of my greatest heroes, and I miss having him around on tv. I wish I could’ve met the man.

But this post isn’t just about missing him. I believe I mentioned in one of my last posts that I have mild anxiety and deal with low self-esteem. Basically, I don’t always believe in myself, or think that I can do much to affect the world around me. I get so caught up in what I do, or don’t do, and how I perceive how other people view me based on that, I lose myself to the madness. I’ve been paralyzed by it, and there are days when I feel like I can hardly do a thing about it.

So let me pose you a question: what d’you suppose Steve Irwin would say about that? Cuz me, I think, if he were a good friend of mine, he would say, “Crikey, mate, what are you talkin’ about? Come here, look at this tortoise. She’s a right beauty, isn’t she? Look at that shell! That thing’s a whopper!” He would point out that she’s awful big and awful beautiful, she’s slow, and she doesn’t have fangs or claws or frills or speed. But he’d tell me she doesn’t need them. She’s a tortoise, and tortoises don’t need to be anything other than a tortoise.

You don’t need to be anything other than what you are. Are you a writer? A drama-geek? A nerd? An athlete? An artist? A teacher? That’s wonderful! Be you, gloriously and brilliantly you! What are you passionate about? My mother, she’s discovered foreign films, and is even now learning Spanish because of it. And you know what? I love her more fiercely for it. It makes her more prodigiously her! Don’t hold back, you wonder of wonders. Be you, mate.

Are you afraid? Angry? Sad? That’s ok! Life is scary, and there are things that should make you angry, and sad and even gloomy from time to time. But don’t let yourself live there. A bird doesn’t live like a bat, and you shouldn’t try to live in a cave if you’re more of a pack animal. Go forth, and be passionate! And let me clear up a little confusion about passion (least it’s confusing for me; if I was asked what I’m passionate about, I’d more likely answer nothing, because I thought having a passion is more like what are you doing with your life kind of a question): the definition for passion is ‘a strong or barely controllable emotion.’ That’s it.

What kind of things make you happy? Or, better yet, if you were to overhear someone talking about something, what subject would make you immediately want to jump in to the conversation? For me, it’s books and movies (I recently got into a long discussion with a couple because I saw a JRR Tolkien tattoo on one of them), it’s anime, it’s games (Pokemon, Bloodborne, Dark Souls, Legend of Zelda, the list goes on), it’s music (less so on that one, but it’s still there lol). It’s animals, and God and tropes and hiking. That makes me me! And that’s enough, you know?

So what kind of animal are you, mate? Are you a bird? Sing! Are you a cheetah? Run! Are you a slug? Then go and leave your slime trail for the world to see. Do what you do, and don’t worry what the other animals think of the gifts you have, the speed you move, or the brightness of your scales.

G’day, mate.


God bless, Steve Irwin, and to your family and everything you stood for.



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