Hi, everybody! (“Hi, Dr. J!” That’s the only appropriate response to a “hi, everybody!” Just ask Dr. Nick Riviera). Anywho, here’s a fun fact about me: I am thin, and therefore, I have slender hands. Well, slender’s really my way of trying to make them sound more ok. In truth, my hands are girly. I have girly hands. At least in comparison to my friend’s. Seriously, if I never compared my small, feminine digits to theirs, I’d probably never even think twice bout it. My hands are my hands. And newsflash: that’s fine. Y’know why? Cuz this was the body I was born with, and so far as I can tell, it’s freaking awesome. I love my body, man! It’s only when people come along and start comparing that things get hinky. I mean, you start to question yourself. Even though you don’t have a say in your genetic makeup and never will.

Oh sure you can get hung up on your physical appearance; you can curse God and turn to SCIENCE!!! (trademarked) and try your damndest to make yourself one of “the beautiful people.” Oh, how I wish I were them /eye roll/ Life is already amazing, folks. Heh, and as I write this, Colbie Caillat’s Try just came on. I love when God does that kind of thing. Just those little nods that tell me He’s listening. You know He’s got one heckuva sense of humor? I love it lol. (Ah “lol.” The height of classy writing, non?).

Anyways, my point is, don’t get so hung up on the things that really don’t matter. Sure, people might give you a hard time. Forget ’em! They aren’t worth it. And if they really think they need to say something about my small, girlish hands, well then I can flip them a small, girlish bird, can’t I?

Hehe, take care, y’all, and don’t take no guff.



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