Hello all! J here, with what I can only assume is the traditional openings to everybody’s blog, ever. Yay! So, here’s the sitch: I’m a 26 year old nerd who loves to write. I haven’t done anything particular spectacular with my life, nor am I really that noteworthy of a person. I’m just me. I think that’s enough, really, but sometimes I struggle with it. Anywho, this blog isn’t really about anything, so far as I can tell. It’s just me writing. Maybe sometimes I’ll have something really good to say (by good I mean, I dunno, interesting? Maybe has the potential to actually help somebody?), but all in all, I’m just writing, bout things that matter to me, bout things I need to vent about, maybe post (bad attempts at) poetry or short stories or somethin. Heh, I really don’t know, folks. I do know I’m not in this to go viral or be popular or whatever, though. If you like what you see, please feel free to drop me a line, but I’m not exactly expecting it, so y’know, just enjoy. Anyways, it’s Easter Sunday (happy Easter!) and I’ve got a dinner to go to, family to go see, and an awkward social life to indulge in. Toodles!

Oh, and I’m happy you’re here. Make yourself at home!


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